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The Fog

Dear grandson woke up at 5am today. The fog outside is so thick I can't see across the road,and I'd like to get out of this house for a while.
Just 3 weeks ago, I could jump up and be on the road in 3 minutes. Now I am getting a refresher course in getting a baby dressed, packing a diaper bag, and stuffing the screeching infant into his car seat!
He is the sweetest baby, and I love him to pieces,but I am SO exhausted at the end of each day now..
Still, I'd rather have him here with me than knowing his mom is dragging him all over the streets again.
Maybe when the fog lifts, we will attempt a small trip.
Grandson finally taking a nap, and I am wiped out. :)
Sometimes I feel as if no one on earth "gets" me, but my family loves me, so at least I am not totally alone.
Saturday afternoon and all I want is a nap......

Writer's Block: You should have been there

Which five events in history would you choose to experience in person, and why?

1. Jesus coming back to life and talking with his disciples- It must have been far beyond "amazing"!

2. The Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock- what a thrill to start a life in an unknown land.

3. The first voyage to see the wreck of the Titanic on the ocean's floor. -I would not have wanted to be at the original sinking, as the sorrow and terror would have been overwhelming.

4. VJ Day in Times Square- it looked like quite a celebration!

5. The first official Tornado Chasers tour- just because it's my dream to go on one of those trips!

Writer's Block: One for the bucket list

What is something you've always wanted to do, but haven't yet done?

Bungie jumping!

Mountain dreams

After over 30 years, I went back to the mountains in August. Being born in Florida, and raised on the coast of North Carolina, going to the mountains was always a dream.
Back in 1970, I got the chance to spend a weekend in Asheville,NC with my best friend and her mom. Waking up to the sight of huge mountains all around us was breathtaking!
Time passed, I grew up, got married, had children and lived in various states, but never made it back to my beloved Great Smokey Mountains.
My husband became determined to make my dream come true, so we saved the money and made reservations for a log cabin on the top of a mountain in Tennessee.
After a nine hour drive, we arrived at our cabin and fell in love. For three wonderful nights, we sat on our balcony and looked out onto the beautiful scenery. No neighbors, no streetlights. Never have I been so at peace with the whole world.
All too soon, the morning of our departure arrived, and I found myself in tears. However, I will be forever grateful for those three nights.
Good Lord willing, someday I will move to one of those mountains, and spend the rest of my life near the Heavens.


It is raining this morning. I woke to the sound of a loud roll of thunder, and it reminds me of the way my mother taught me not to be afraid of thunderstorms.
One afternoon when I was about ten, a big thunderstorm came rolling in. When one particularly loud boom shook the house, I ran to mom, curling up to her for comfort.
She told me that we were going to watch nature at work that day, and she got a blanket from the closet. After opening the front door, she spread that blanket out in front of the glass storm door, and told me to lie down beside her on it.
As the storm raged with fury, lightening and thunder filled the sky. We laid there watching, while mom explained how the rain would water flowers and crops, and that the lighting was a beautiful fireworks show. With each bolt of lightning, mom would exclaim over how pretty it was.
We stayed there until the storm blew away, and I had lost my fear.  My mother let me know that storms could be dangerous if you went outside during one, but that sitting and watching a storm from a safe place could be exciting.
That's how I grew up to enjoy thunderstorms. The fury of the wind, the growl of the thunder, and the brilliance of the lighting thrill me, as the rain soothes me. I am at peace with nature, even in all of it's loudest moments.

Looking back

Memories are funny things. When you are young, you are often too busy living life to realize that one day you will have a movie of memories stored away inside you.
This is my first attempt at blogging. I feel a need to write stories of years past, and of people in my past, some still living, others long gone. Having said that, I hope I can make my past come back to life as I write.

One of my very first memories is the day my mother married my stepfather. I was about five years old, and I cried when they drove away from the church, leaving me with my grandmother.
My parents had divorced when I was less than two years old, and my mother and I had left my dad in Florida and came back to North Carolina to live with my grandmother and grandfather.  While I loved my grandparents, I was a mama's girl, and would have preferred to have never had to share her with anyone.
To this day, I can see that car driving away from me, tin cans tied to the back, rattling down the street. It was my first feeling of abandonment.



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